Marketing Your Home

Here are just a few of the steps taken to market your property. We provide this to give you a basic working outline of the beginning steps that should be used. Our team will customize the approach that will be best to market your home and highlight your homes best features to capture the best price possible.

Staging, Professional Photography, Videography and 3D Tours

Immediately we start working to stage your home to provide the best appearance online. Your home must be presented with professional level photography as this is the first viewing a potential buyer has of your home and will decide if they will even come look at your home. If the first few photos don't capture their attention, then many will move on. We tailor the marketing around your home and its features as well as the features of the neighborhood or acreage. Each setting will determine if drone photography should be used or not as well as videography versus a 3D tour.


Your home is immediately listed on the Multiple Listing Service which updates a daily catalog of homes for sale through its member brokers and an online computer network, available to its members, with photos and descriptions of all listed properties. We personally submit a photo and the descriptive elements of your home to ensure that you have the best possible representation on the MLS.


All of our property listings syndicate online to local, national, and international websites to provide the farthest reach. Research from the National Association of Realtors indicates that more than 90% of home buyers now begin the buying process online. Our website includes the most advanced tools available, including Active Maps and automatic email notifications, to give buyers the most reason to keep coming back.


Our distinctive'For Sale' sign is placed on your property for those that are driving through the neighborhoods they want to be in.

Social Media Advertising

Extensive social media advertising is utilized specifically for your property in order to place your home in front of the many people utilizing the different social media platforms.


We do not simply prepare and print a professional color flyer. We find that these are often "disposed" of rather quickly or never even looked at in the first place. We will however prepare a customized binder for your home with many more details about your home, local schools, local parks and more in order to give prospective buyers a full picture of what is available to them as they consider your home. We have seen where this keeps the buyers in your home longer giving consideration to more items than a few pictures and measurments on a flyer can accomplish. Also, by staying in your home a little longer they start to make more of a connection and remember your home over others they are looking at.